“April Afternoons” by The Voice before the Void

Springtime Special:
The month of April returns and fleets.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“April Afternoons”

The Voice before the Void

A Wednesday
Young men die in April
The time of the spring offensives
Sortying south of the wall
Or over the top into the mud

A Friday
It is a feat to survive the guileless aimless lust-surge of youth
It is a feat to be old and lonely
It is a feat to be deaf for years of powerful motors and popular music
It is a feat to be lonely and maybe a little syphilitic

A Monday
I kissed her once in autumnal April in West Australia
In April-month, snow falls in North Dakota

A Saturday
While being the link tween wint and sum
April is unto itself
April births lambs and kittens
And April kills lambs and kittens
April is old enough and knows well
April is yet young and still tries
April is wrenches readying bicycles
April awakens flies

A Tuesday
April makes promises and makes memories
April reminisces and April longs
We all live to see one more April
We all die too young