“Armistice Day” by Roselle Mercier Montgomery

Armistice Day Special:
Until war is abolished.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Armistice Day”

Roselle Mercier Montgomery

I think I hear them stirring there, today,
Who have lain still
So long, so long, beside the Aisne and Loire,
On Verdun hill.

I think I hear them whispering, today,
The young, the brave,
The gallant and the gay–unmurmuring long,
There in the grave.

I think I hear them sighing there, today–
They sigh for all
The glory and the wonder that was life–
Beyond recall!

I think that their young eyes are wistfully
On us who go
So gayly to our sports, this holiday…
I think they know!

I think that they are listening today…
I feel them near!
Our orators declaim–they answer back,
“Why lie we here?”

Across the fleet, forgetting years it comes,
Today–their cry,
“O World, O World, if it was all in vain,
Why did we die?”

Above the earth’s enduring hates, they ask,
“Was it–for this?”
I think they are remembering, this day
Of Armistice!

And oh, I think I hear them weeping there
Who should be sleeping…
A plaintive thing–to hear across the world
The young dead weeping!

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