“De Moose” by Jessamine Slaughter Burgum

“De Moose”

from Dakota Horizons

Jessamine Slaughter Burgum

published in 1940 by The Times Publishing Co., Hunter, North Dakota

“The poems herein may be reprinted or used in any program as desired if due credit is given to author and publisher.”

Yes, by Gar,
I tak you two young fallers,
From de states,
To where de moose live;
I show you good sport.
Tak de hydroplane over dere,
Fly over mooseland and land on de lake,
Den tak canoe and paddle up de river,
Till you come to big lake;
Water planty rough,
Watch out or canoe tip over,
Faller from Sent Paul drown here last week
Good swimmer too,
But heavy boots, clothes, cartridge belt,
Pull heem under, sink like a rock.