“Final Train” by Jason Heeley

An ominous mood finely rendered in art and prose.
⁓The Voice before the Void

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Final Train by Jason Heeley on deviantART ghost death spectre reaper spooky eerie platform station

“Final Train”

Jason Heeley

I was fascinated by diesel locos as a child, always impressed by the vague, terrifying notions of whatever I imagined was caged inside each of those grimy, rolling metal hulks – that which thundered and protested and shook concrete and stone as it passed. Their appearance seemed to me evocative of something unstoppable, otherworldly, cold, and immensely threatening. Throughout my adult life, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time on Britain’s crumbling rail network, but nothing I’ve seen since has seemed to match the power of those old childhood imprints, locked in memory. Trains are emotive things, as witnessed by the number of romances, thrillers, and chilling supernatural tales concerning them – perhaps the reason is that so many real journeys begin and end with them.

But what if there was always one final train to take? A service we all board at our own designated hour. You may find yourself on that strangely silent platform without warning. Soon, an immense, dark loco pulls in slowly with its train, crackling and shuddering as some unearthly energy courses angrily beneath its decaying metal skin. Of course, you are compelled to travel – whatever its destination may be…