“Joy” by The Voice before the Void

Armistice Day Special:
In commemoration of World War I


The Voice before the Void

Millions died in mud

Joy exists only as a shadow’s shadow
For death is the model and senses but fracture

Yet within ten centimeters lies buried pleasure
Fabled transcendenture

The television droning in sunless morning
Unsurpassed boring
Holes in a head’s membrance

Ten centimeters
Give no more
Deny no fewer

Heft of lead soldiers in hand
Reigning dark heart monarch

Draw ten centimeters nearer

For how we strive to die
For how blood is warm on the hands

Millions die in mud

What lies nigh?

No joy
And we will live and we will die

Draw to within ten centimeters

There can be no joy
Where there is memory

Millions will die in mud