“Jungly” by The Voice before the Void

Earth as a living being only further reduces the significance of humankind: an original poem.
⁓The Voice before the Void


The Voice before the Void

Where flowers burst flagrant with color and fragrance
Where berries ripe drip syrupy sweet
Where vines entwine and entangle the feet
Where panther-cats purple-black slink sleek
Through the lushness, through the greenness, through the dampness, through the sunless darkness beneath the canopy
Where life is so over-abundant, growing, grappling, crushing, strangling
Where life is super-abundant, death is also
Fetid death, rank death, rotting death, constant death
The jungle floor is wet with constant decaying, constant renewing
With the constant cycling of life
The components of the jungle cycle
like cells

And, beyond, the jungle itself cycles, dies and renews
Merely on a broader timescale

And beyond that, the whole planet cycles itself
Its jungles and forests and oceans, organs; their components, mere cells

We pitiable people

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