“Matilda” by Karrie Schaff

Mother’s Day Special:
…until forgotten.
⁓The Voice before the Void


Karrie Schaff

My name is Matilda Shiff.
They used to call me Tilly.
I’ve had ten children,
and an alcoholic husband.
We had hard times,
many hard times.
I remember giving the kids
a nickel the first day of
school to purchase three
pencils for the year.

I remember making him
a steak,
while the kids and I had
pork and beans.
I hated when he came
home drunk.
He would go out
by himself and leave his
little old wife at home
with the children.

I remember when they sent
Bobby away.
They told Raymond to find
a job or he’d be next.
And I remember little Donny,
who always helped with the

But now it’s all gone.
They put me six feet down
and on the brass plate
they gave me it says:
Matilda Shiff

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