“Song of the Zeppelin” by Violet D. Chapman

World War I:
During the First World War, Zeppelins bombed cities in France, Britain, Belgium, Russia, Greece, Romania, and Italy.
-The Voice before the Void

“Song of the Zeppelin”

Violet D. Chapman

The night-wind is humming,
My engines are thrumming,
Swift as a spark
Through the night and the dark
I am silently speeding;
Hovering grim and gray
Over my human prey,
Sowing the seeds of dearth
Over the stricken earth,
Where nations lie bleeding.

Ship without sails am I,
Bird without wings am I,
Lord of the gales am I,
Terror of Kings am I,–
I am the Zeppelin!

The cities are sleeping,
Their searchlights are sweeping,
Into the skies
I advance, I arise,
Where the distance grows vaster;
See where the sky grows red,
Lit by the bombs I shed–
Stealthy and swift,
I fling them my gift,
Death and disaster!

Mark well the flight of me,
Ships! Have a care of me!
Shrink at the sight of me!
Cities! Beware of me!
I am the Zeppelin!

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