“Ash Wednesday” by Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni

Ash Wednesday Special:
Lovers of darkness can find much to appreciate in the art and imagery of a billion-strong death cult that fetishizes an executed criminal agitator; few can celebrate morbidity as avidly.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Ash Wednesday”

Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni

Of votive lights there were only seven,
And each burned a prayer to the God in heaven.
Five candles were blue, one green, and one red,
Six burned for the living, and one for the dead.
The belfry was old and the church was bare.
Only the voice of the wind and the rain was there.
“I can snuff the candles,” said the voice of the rain
As downward it drifted through a cracked window pane,
“I can snuff the candles!” said the wind in the eaves,
“Who cares for a hope, or a heart that grieves?”
And the blue lights flickered, and the green one died
Before the bowed head of the meek Crucified.
But the last to flicker was the one bright red–
The candle that burned for the lonely dead.