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Krampusnacht Special:
Winter is the darkest time of year.
⁓The Voice before the Void



In German-speaking Alpine folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure. According to traditional narratives around the figure, Krampus punishes children during the Christmas season who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved children with gifts. Regions in the Austrian diaspora feature similar figures and, more widely, Krampus is one of a number of Companions of Saint Nicholas in regions of Europe. The origin of the figure is unclear; some folklorists and anthropologists have postulated a pre-Christian origin for the figure. Continue reading

“Three Kings of Orient” by John Henry Hopkins, Jr.

Kings Day Special:
Gold the valuable, symbol of kingship; frankincense the incense, symbol of deity; and myrrh the embalming oil, symbol of death.
⁓The Voice before the Void

The Magi Journeying - Les rois mages en voyage - James Tissot - Three Kings painting camels

“Three Kings of Orient”

John Henry Hopkins, Jr.

We Three Kings of Orient are,
Bearing gifts we traverse afar,
Field and fountain,
Moor and mountain,
Following yonder Star. Continue reading