“In a Canoe” by Windham Wyndham-Quin

Autumn. Adventure.
-The Voice before the Void

“In a Canoe”

from The Great Divide

Windham Wyndham-Quin, 4th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl

Among all the modes of progression hitherto invented by restless man, there is not one that can compare in respect of comfort and luxury with travelling in a birch-bark canoe. Continue reading

“A Genuine Ghost” from The Philadelphia Press

Walpurgis Night Special:
Totally genuine; no doubt.

“A Genuine Ghost”

The Philadelphia Press

Dayton, O., 1884 March 25.—A thousand people surround the grave yard in Miamisburg, a town near here, every night to witness the antics of what appears to be a genuine ghost. There is no doubt about the existence of the apparition, as Mayor Marshall, the revenue collector and hundreds of prominent citizens all testify to having seen it. Last night several hundred people, armed with clubs and guns, assaulted the specter, which appeared to be a woman in white. Clubs, bullets and shot tore the air in which the mystic figure floated without disconcerting it in the least. A portion of the town turned out en masse to-day and began exhuming all the bodies in the cemetery…. Continue reading

First chapter of A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

World War I:
A work unto itself, the first chapter of A Farewell to Arms is a great war story.
Like other works of devastating power, it can serve as a denunciation of the societal institution of war.
Like other of Hemingway’s works, it is constructed with a punchline.
The immensity of war’s tragedy arrives with the realization that the incident referenced is but one of many incidents, of many wars.
-The Voice before the Void

First chapter of A Farewell to Arms

Ernest Hemingway

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Plastic Bottles at Midnight in Mongolia by Meredith Potts

Meredith Potts is the executive director of the non-profit NGO FIRE, the Flagstaff International Relief Effort, based in Flagstaff, Arizona and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Since 1997, FIRE has been administering aid programs in Mongolia, with a current focus on viral hepatitis and liver cancer, which are epidemic in Mongolia. As of May of 2015, FIRE has also begun a relief project for the survivors of the village of Langtang in Nepal; the village was almost completely destroyed by a landslide triggered by the earthquake of April 25.
Learn more and help support FIRE at: fireprojects.org. FIRE is a non-profit organization; all contributions are tax-deductible.
⁓The Voice before the Void

Plastic Bottles at Midnight in Mongolia

Meredith Potts

Dusk did not even begin until 9:45 PM on this May night in Mongolia’s capital city. Still feeling energized, I took the long way home from a friend’s house at 12 midnight through Chinggis Square. It has been more than four years since I was last in Mongolia. As I casually strolled, absorbing the dramatic changes in Ulaanbaatar, from the skyline to the abundant and overly friendly taxi drivers concerned for my safety at that late hour Continue reading

“My Mother’s Curse upon White Settlers” by Zitkala-Sa

“My Mother’s Curse upon White Settlers”


One black night mother and I sat alone in the dim starlight, in front of our wigwam. We were facing the river, as we talked about the shrinking limits of the village. She told me about the poverty-stricken white settlers, who lived in caves dug in the long ravines of the high hills across the river.

A whole tribe of broad-footed white beggars had rushed hither to make claims on those wild lands. Even as she was telling this I spied a small glimmering light in the bluffs.

“That is a white man’s lodge where you see the burning fire,” she said. Then, a short distance from it, only a little lower than the first, was another light. As I became accustomed to the night, I saw more and more twinkling lights, here and there, scattered all along the wide black margin of the river. Continue reading

“The Devil” by Zitkala-Sa

A young Dakota girl deals with Christian culture as it is thrust upon her.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“The Devil”


Among the legends the old warriors used to tell me were many stories of evil spirits. But I was taught to fear them no more than those who stalked about in material guise. I never knew there was an insolent chieftain among the bad spirits, who dared to array his forces against the Great Spirit, until I heard this white man’s legend from a paleface woman.

Out of a large book she showed me a picture of the white man’s devil. I looked in horror upon the strong claws that grew out of his fur-covered fingers. His feet were like his hands. Trailing at his heels was a scaly tail tipped with a serpent’s open jaws. His face was a patchwork: he had bearded cheeks, like some I had seen palefaces wear; his nose was an eagle’s bill, and his sharp-pointed ears were pricked up like those of a sly fox. Above them a pair of cow’s horns curved upward. I trembled with awe, and my heart throbbed in my throat, as I looked at the king of evil spirits. Then I heard the paleface woman say that this terrible creature roamed loose in the world, and that little girls who disobeyed school regulations were to be tortured by him. Continue reading

“Incident/Complaint Report” by Commander, 44 Missile Security Squadron, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota

Out of this world.

A report by Bob Pratt that provides information about this document

⁓The Voice before the Void

Incident-Complaint Report Ellsworth Air Force Base South Dakota UFO 1 US military document secret airman ET fight visitors government cover-up ii

Incident-Complaint Report Ellsworth Air Force Base South Dakota UFO 2 SD USA flying saucer space alien contact hostile encounter story account

“Incident/Complaint Report”

Commander, 44 Missile Security Squadron, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota

Site Lima 9
7 miles SW of Nisland, SD Continue reading

“Death of Two Cheyenne Braves” by Theodore Roosevelt

An eerie scene of extraordinary courage and honor and self-sacrifice.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Death of Two Cheyenne Braves”

from The Wilderness Hunter

Theodore Roosevelt

The incident, related by Lieutenant Pitcher, took place in 1890, near Tongue River, in northern Wyoming. The command with which he was serving was camped near the Cheyenne Reservation. One day two young Cheyenne bucks, met one of the government herders, and promptly killed him–in a sudden fit, half of ungovernable blood lust, half of mere ferocious lightheartedness. They then dragged his body into the brush and left it. The disappearance of the herder of course attracted attention, and a search was organized by the cavalry. Continue reading

“Light-hearted Way of Regarding ‘Broke Horses'” by Theodore Roosevelt

Insight into cowboy culture.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Light-hearted Way of Regarding ‘Broke Horses'”

from The Wilderness Hunter

Theodore Roosevelt

In the cow-country there is nothing more refreshing than the light-hearted belief entertained by the average man to the effect that any animal which by main force has been saddled and ridden, or harnessed and driven a couple of times, is a “broke horse.” My present foreman is firmly wedded to this idea, as well as to its complement, the belief that any animal with hoofs, before any vehicle with wheels, can be driven across any country. One summer on reaching the ranch I was entertained with the usual accounts of the adventures and misadventures which had befallen my own men and my neighbors since I had been out last. In the course of the conversation my foreman remarked: “We had a great time out here about six weeks ago. There was a professor from Ann Arbor come out with his wife to see the Bad Lands, Continue reading

“Buildings Made of Canvas” by Theodore Roosevelt

Disaster overwhelms a frontier town.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Buildings Made of Canvas”

from The Wilderness Hunter

Theodore Roosevelt

Squalid, pretentiously named little clusters of make-shift dwellings on the edge of the wild country spring up with the rapid growth of mushrooms, and are often no longer lived. In their earlier stages these towns are frequently built entirely of canvas, and are subject to grotesque calamities. When the territory purchased from the Sioux, in the Dakotas, a couple of years ago was thrown open to settlement, there was a furious inrush of men on horseback and in wagons, and various ambitious cities sprang up overnight. The new settlers were all under the influence of that curious craze which causes every true westerner to put unlimited faith in the unknown Continue reading

“How many more times must we meet…” by Susan Loone

An extraordinary piece.
⁓The Voice before the Void

View other art and poetry by Susan Loone at sloonepoems.wordpress.com and at sloone.blogspot.com

How many more times must we meet Susan Loone art love

“How many more times must we meet…”

Susan Loone

When I took you aside and told you we have met a thousand years ago, it was not meant to be a pick up line. It was meant to be a reunion of two old souls.

Eventually, it was only I who recognised you, while you have no inkling of who I am. Continue reading

“Too Horrible to Describe” by The Voice before the Void

“Too Horrible to Describe”

The Voice before the Void

Perhaps if I tell the tale, it will ease my mind. Perhaps if I write it out, or just speak it aloud, it will have a beneficient effect upon my poor mind… my poor, convulsed mind. If I can just scrawl the symbols, squawk the sounds, the universe might stray back into sanity, or something resembling such. But how to describe things that by their nature are indescriptable? But I do have conceptions of the things — loathsome conceptions of the loathsome things — and so, if I have conceptions, I must be able to form words, however approximate and inadequate those words must necessarily be. Perhaps, just perhaps, if I can succeed to marshal the words, the words will ameliorate this horror that has so lately engulfed me. Continue reading

“Final Train” by Jason Heeley

An ominous mood finely rendered in art and prose.
⁓The Voice before the Void

View other works by Jason Heeley at jasonheeley.deviantart.com

Final Train by Jason Heeley on deviantART ghost death spectre reaper spooky eerie platform station

“Final Train”

Jason Heeley

I was fascinated by diesel locos as a child, always impressed by the vague, terrifying notions of whatever I imagined was caged inside each of those grimy, rolling metal hulks – that which thundered and protested and shook concrete and stone as it passed. Their appearance seemed to me evocative of something unstoppable, otherworldly, cold, and immensely threatening. Throughout my adult life, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time on Britain’s crumbling rail network, but nothing I’ve seen since has seemed to match the power of those old childhood imprints, locked in memory. Trains are emotive things, as witnessed by the number of romances, thrillers, and chilling supernatural tales concerning them – perhaps the reason is that so many real journeys begin and end with them.

But what if there was always one final train to take? A service we all board at our own designated hour. You may find yourself on that strangely silent platform without warning. Soon, an immense, dark loco pulls in slowly with its train, crackling and shuddering as some unearthly energy courses angrily beneath its decaying metal skin. Of course, you are compelled to travel – whatever its destination may be…

“Cosmic Comprehension” by The Voice before the Void

“Cosmic Comprehension”

The Voice before the Void

Drawn from the dust of the cosmos, a mind was created to comprehend the workings of those cosmos. That mind lived many, many years before you live, in a hut on a path that led out of a little town by a sea. The mind invented a language of symbols; it cogitated within those symbols. The mind fulfilled its purpose. “The universe has been comprehended by its created mind.” The mind told no one, burned everything, died alone.

“Annihilation Speaks to His Concubine: An Urban Fantasy Dark Romance” by The Voice before the Void

The seductiveness of Death: an original vignette.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Annihilation Speaks to His Concubine: An Urban Fantasy Dark Romance”

The Voice before the Void

I have come to you now in your sleep. Now, you hear me as a voice in your dream; in a moment, you shall sense my presence near you, and fear shall paralyze you. This shall pass, for I am familiar to you; you have felt me near you many times.

I have come to you now to take you completely.

And now you are excited, for you know that you cannot deny me. I have never been denied, and I never shall be denied. My power over all of your brethren is total; my power over you is total.

I shall take all of you, including all of your memories, and all of your tomorrows. My ravishment of you now terrifies and exhilarates you beyond all else you have ever felt, for you know that this experience is unique and ultimate.

After, I shall leave you forever in perfect peace.