“The Bad Kittens” by Elizabeth Coatsworth

Halloween Special:
Even seemingly simple poetry may reveal latent weird horror.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“The Bad Kittens”

Elizabeth Coatsworth

You may call, you may call
But the little black cats won’t hear you.
The little black cats are maddened
By the bright green light of the moon;
They are whirling and running and hiding,
They are wild who were once so confiding,
They are crazed when the moon is riding–
You will not catch the kittens soon.
They care not for saucers of milk,
They think not of pillows of silk;
Your softest, crooningest call
Is less than the buzzing of flies.
They are seeing more than you see,
They are hearing more than you hear,
And out of the darkness they peer
With a goblin light in their eyes!

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