“Too Horrible to Describe” by The Voice before the Void

“Too Horrible to Describe”

The Voice before the Void

Perhaps if I tell the tale, it will ease my mind. Perhaps if I write it out, or just speak it aloud, it will have a beneficient effect upon my poor mind… my poor, convulsed mind. If I can just scrawl the symbols, squawk the sounds, the universe might stray back into sanity, or something resembling such. But how to describe things that by their nature are indescriptable? But I do have conceptions of the things — loathsome conceptions of the loathsome things — and so, if I have conceptions, I must be able to form words, however approximate and inadequate those words must necessarily be. Perhaps, just perhaps, if I can succeed to marshal the words, the words will ameliorate this horror that has so lately engulfed me.

Or, perhaps not.