“View of the World from Fargo, Traditionalist Isolationist” by The Voice before the Void

Few eschew butcherous folly.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“View of the World from Fargo, Traditionalist Isolationist”

The Voice before the Void

Bring down half and fill full again

Your budding ombudsman will rend in twain
A gain

And about that
The wheatman will have some to say
But will have no say

Locked in step

And monuments to men who died in Belleau and Argonne
But no need for such to those who died on the farm

See the seachange tiding over
Flooding farms and fields of alfalfa clover
Backs broken in bygone ages
Breaking again in breakaway stages
Settled sundered rendered under
And forced forward by faraway thunder

Lest we then when we before
Filed and followed and thumped and harrumphed
But a contingent is not sufficient

Stampede from the stanchions
Into distinct districts of doggerel and lace
To hunker down afore destruction and disgrace

Bounded bitter boiling bright
Slight tinge of catatonic fright
Before binge of catastrophic fight

Falling from a fever dream at fever pitch
To die in a ditch

Behold the besotted bloody
Beyond the bastion bloated
Bombarded and bamboozled
Into last rites cries nights and fires

Flowing stolen barrels of blood by fireglint
Extend to the edge and over it

But dysentery and distemper do not remember
And influenza infusions
So in the seasons of our most sagacious graciousness
We best tend to rest at fearsome behest

For to forswear to neer arms again bear

For it forgotten is not
World War the First of the worst
German farmmen immigrant
Resistant to enlistment
But Wilson whistled War for end all war

And one hundred years on
And war is still not gone

Farmer soldier go no

For to foresee the finality
And have part of it no
To go farther no
But to fully
It all

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