“Well, I’m back in North Dakota” by Nina Farley Wishek

An old poem by a pioneer woman of Dakota Territory.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Well, I’m back in North Dakota”

Nina Farley Wishek

Well, I’m back in North Dakota
Where the prairie is broad and flat–
Strange, how could I have forgotten
That it looks like that.

Years ago in times primeval,
It did not then look like that–
I suppose it took a million ages
To roll it out so flat.

But, I like its level vastness,
Its herds of cattle, sleek and fat–
And its miles and miles of grainfields,
Stretching, waving, far and flat.

Yes, I’m back from California,
And to its grandeur, I lift my hat–
To its climate, mountains, sunshine,
And to its ocean, wide and flat.

But, oh, you dusty, wind-swept prairie,
With your sun-kissed spaces flat–
Never could I, would I, change you,
For I like you, just like that.

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