“Within the scope of shadowscape” by The Voice before the Void

The cool, calm, serene omnipotence of darkness: an original fragment.
⁓The Voice before the Void

“Within the scope of shadowscape”

The Voice before the Void

Within the scope of shadowscape —
Within the edge between light and lightlessness —
Shadows cover with calm.
Serenity, cool, abides beyond light, glaring.
All is dark; light but passes through occasionally striking some object, bouncing back, bouncing around, but it continues to careen endlessly and eventually~inevitably passes on, and all is dark.
When I coalesced into me from the elements of the universe, it was in darkness;
When I dissipate back into the universe, it will be in darkness.
When the shadow falls across my face: I am; I am not.
Light passes on and outward;
Dark remains, in defeat of time.

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